Yedikule Dungeons

Yedikule Dungeons

Yedikule Dungeons are located on the coast road extending from Sarayburnu to Bakirkoy. The dungeons which left their mark in history become a place in which many prisoners stayed.

yedikule-dungeonsThey were built in the period of Teodosios II between the years of 413 and 439. Yedikule Dungeons and Fortress took their present shape by being added three towered bulwark after the conquest of Istanbul to two towers of land bulwarks and to two pylons of Golden Port which the emperors used in the times of his entrance to the city with triumphal procession.
The towers surrounding the pentagonal frame of fortress which gave its name to that place and the dungeon: South Pylon Tower, North Pylon Tower, Tablets Tower, Cannon Tower, Ahmet III Tower, Treasury Tower and Pennon Tower.

Although Yedikule Dungeons, in the first years of the conquest, used for a long time as fortress in which state treasury was kept and the booties were collected, in memories, it remained as a dungeon in which many native or foreign prisoners were locked. The fortress bore witness to imprisonment of many famous people in the years which it was used as a dungeon. The most important one of those was Osman II called as Osman the Young. After Osman the Young was dethroned by Janissaries he was brought to Yedikule Dungeons and killed there. The famous people other than Osman the Young were Trabzon Greek Emperor, David Komennos, and his sons, Resigned and the last Ottoman Khalif IV and Crimean Khan, Mehmet Giray.

Yedikule Dungeons have experienced many restorations. The most comprehensive restoration in recent years was performed by a restoration staff between the years of 1958 and 1970 in coordination with Architect Cahide Tamer who was one of the first Turkish woman architects. Yedikule Dungeons which were affiliated to Istanbul Management of Museums of Fortresses from 1968 to 2004 is used as a museum in which cultural activities and concerts are held now.

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